Local information for Bexley and Bexley London Borough  


Photographs of Bexley London Borough

Here are some photographs of Bexley London Borough and the Thames

  1. Joydens Wood
  2. River Shuttle Bexley
  3. Welling High Street 1967
  4. Kelseys Farm - North Cray Road
  5. Thames Sailing Barge Sara - on River Thames
  6. Thames Sailing Barge Sara 1957 one of the most successful racing barges
  7. Thames Sailing Barge Sirdar taken during the Thames Barge Match of 1957
  8. Thames Barge Veronica - again a famous racing sailing barge
  9. If you have any photos that you wouldn't mind sharing, please drop me an email and i will add them to the list!




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