Snakes and Ladders at Children's Easter Holiday Club

Snakes and Ladders was the theme of the twelfth annual holiday bible club held at Free Grace Baptist Church in Nuxley road, Belvedere on March 29-31 2005.

Each morning from children aged from 4 to 11 crowded into the church building to take part in activities as diverse as handicrafts, quizzes,
and bible stories. From ten in the morning until shortly after midday on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the church was able to welcome many children and their parents to take part in the various activities provided. Everyone attending the club was assigned to either the red or the blue team, and a friendly rivalry ensued between these two teams as they competed to see which would gain the most team points throughout the three days of the club.

The children were separated into different age groups for the craft work activities, but were able to combine together for the rest of the morning, which included times of singing, a bible story, and a quiz with many opportunities for the children to earn points for their teams.
At the end of each days session the children were able to take home colouring sheets, and a memory verse to learn for the next days club.
Points were awarded to those who were able to remember the verse the following day.

On the Thursday evening the there was a special prize giving ceremony for all the children who had attended the club as well as all the members of their families who were able to attend. This meeting proved to be so popular that almost every seat in the church was filled. After the prizes had all been awarded there was an opportunity for the children's parents to see all the different craft work that had been made during the weeks activities, and to purchase photographs of all the children enjoying the club.

This year was a particularly special occasion, as well as being the twelfth year of the holiday bible club, it is also the 200 birthday of
Free Grace Baptist Church, and to mark this very special event a commemorative mug was produced and given to every child who attended for the three days.

The church will be holding a number of other special events throughout this anniversary year, the next will be on May 14th when Dr John Blanchard the internationally known Christian preacher, teacher, apologist and author will be speaking on the subject of 'Has Science got rid of God?'

More information about the Holiday Bible Club, the bi-centennial celebrations, and our normal weekly meetings at Free Grace Baptist Church
can be found on our web site at The web site also features mp3 downloads and podcasts of all our weekly
services, and copies of our regular church bulletin which provides full information on all the activities of the church.

Information provided by Peter Townsend

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